Streaming Portfolio

Our team has a wide range of expertise and decades of experience in the electronics, industrial, and renewable energy space. Our network and partnerships give us access to investment opportunities in many different types of projects beyond more common nature-based solutions.

We Invest in projects that:

Improve energy efficiencies

We are replacing 100W incandescent bulbs with 7W LED bulbs in developing countries. This provides an energy savings of 93% on something that every individual uses every day. This in turn significantly reduces the amount of emissions from dirty power generation.

Provide renewable energy

We are helping to bring solar power to multiple developing nations that currently use coal powered generators.

Reduce or eliminate emissions

We are working with a partner to start the much needed process of capping the thousands of unplugged oil wells across N. America that are continuously leaking methane and CO2.

Capture and sequesters greenhouse gases from the environment

We currently have several project partners with proprietary, lower cost methods to capture and sequester CO2 directly from the air.

Identified Opportunities:

50+ Projects

Evaluating Opportunities:

23 Projects

Under LOI/Term sheet:

8 Projects

Screening Criteria

  • Focus on Higher-Yield Carbon Credits
  • Strategic Alignment
  • Accretive to Existing Portfolio
  • Additional Social Impact

Source of Opportunity

Source of opportunity chart

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