DevvStream CEO Sunny Trinh spoke to New to the Street—click to view a replay.



DevvStream CEO Sunny Trinh spoke to New to the Street—click to view a replay.

A leader in green project investment and carbon credit generation.

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DevvStream Corporate Presentation
Corporate Presentation

About DevvStream

DevvStream is a technology-based sustainability company that advances the development and monetization of environmental assets, with an initial focus on carbon markets. DevvStream works with governments and corporations worldwide to achieve their sustainability goals through the implementation of curated green technology projects that generate renewable energy, improve energy efficiencies, eliminate or reduce emissions, and sequester carbon directly from the air—creating carbon credits in the process.

Business Model

We employ the same proven business model as many of the worlds largest streaming and royalty companies, while using the most technologically advanced blockchain platform and the worlds largest environmental credit exchange. Our investments give us carbon credit rights for 10-30 years, putting us in position to capitalize on the expected demand increase in offsets.

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The leverage of our company is buoyed by the strength of our management team as well as our partners who contribute greatly to the differentiated and unique model that we employ. We address the two largest pain points in the carbon credit sector (transparency and liquidity) through our relationship with Devvio and a wide range of carbon market leaders.

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